I'm located in Stockholm, Sweden and that's where I'm mainly located and do my shoots. I've got access to a phenomenal photostudio at Citystudios and there's so many wonderful locations around this city!

I love contrast, I love trying to make the models pop with colours and interesting concepts and I love bringing out something unique in everyone. But my real heart lies within the dark spectrum, anything a bit twisted and loony.
I try to branch out more and try new things of course and I'll usually bite on most ideas since trying new things teaches you something you didn't know before. I'd love to hear from you if you have an idea or if you're just interested in working with me and want to plan something fun together!

When my first digital point-and-shoot camera touched my hands in 2002 I knew it would be something I'd never let go of. My passion is portrait photography and even back then I started doing planned shoots with whatever I could get my hands on. I used lamps made for construction sites, photographed my friends and our clothes were improvised from cloth or tearing apart clothes we already had. It's not about the budget if you're willing to use our imagination and have the passion to think of alternative ways.

When I upgraded to a more advanced camera in 2004 I started for real and it's just been getting more fun for every shoot I do. Even though I'm young I've participated in more than 80 shoots and the collection just keeps growing.

In 2011 I got into photographing in a proper studio and it was like a flame reignited. I'm burning for the wonders you can create with some well placed lights and colours.